Library Expectations

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Students visit the library once a week.  Students are allowed to check out up to 3 books.  Those books are due back at the next library visit.  If books are needed for longer than a week, they can be renewed at that time.  The library is also open for book check out in the morning (most days) from 7:30 to 8:00 and at the end of the school day during dismissal time.

All students are responsible for the books that they check out.
  If a book is severely damaged or lost, they will be expected to pay for it.  But if the book can be repaired, then there will be no charge.  We can wait until the end of the school year to pay for a lost book, as many books often show up before the year is out. Please contact Mrs. Houston if you have any questions or concerns about this.


                                           damaged library book

The top 3 ways our books have been damaged-
1.  Water and food spilled on books - water bottles with loose caps inside of a student's backpack has caused books to be damaged beyond repair
2. Dogs chewing up books - this can be severe or just a corner nibbled
3.  Little brothers and sisters coloring inside the books - most times these books can still be used.

All students are also expected to follow the school's ROAR guidelines below when they are in the library

To be RESPECTFUL of others and their property
To stay ONTASK 
To maintain a good ATTITUDE
To be RESPONSIBLE for their words and actions