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History of Bedford Elementary School

black and white photo of the former Bedford Elementary School    current picture of Bedford Elementary School today

Bedford Elementary School had its beginning in 1875 in a new building erected by the town in the center of a lot extending from Longwood Avenue to Lee Street. In 1933, the stucco building began serving grades 1-12. As enrollment grew, the school became so crowded that in 1919 the Belmont property adjacent to the existing school was purchased. Some classes were moved to a school building located on this property.

After a compulsory school law was passed in Virginia in 1924, enrollment increased rapidly. In 1928, a new brick building to house the high school students was erected, leaving the stucco building for the elementary grades. Bedford High School opened with an enrollment of 361 students and a faculty of 10. Bedford Elementary School had an identical enrollment of students and faculty. This arrangement continued until 1959 when the Town of Bedford dissolved its municipal school system and became part of the Bedford County School system.

During a period of consolidation and integration between 1964 and 1966, students and faculty members from Bridge Street Elementary School and Liberty Academy were transferred to Bedford Elementary. Two consolidated high schools were opened in the county in 1964 to serve Bedford’s high school students. Bedford Primary School was also opened in 1964 accommodating those 1st and 2nd grade students from Bedford Elementary, Bridge Street Elementary and Liberty Academy. Currently Bedford Elementary houses grades 2 through 5.