Our New Books

 New Books in the Library for the start of School 2022

We have so many new books to read - chapter books, graphic novels, picture books and non-fiction.  Here is a sample of a some of the exciting new chapter books.  Look for more books on Destiny Library Catalog.

I will be asking the children to try out some new book series and letting me know what they think of them.  If I get enough interest I will add more of the series to the collection - 


Princess in Black -
an funny action story about a proper but unusual princess who likes to dress in black
Frankie Sparks - a special 3rd grade girl that likes to use Science and Math to solve her problems
Little Animal Rescue - Callie is magically transported around the World to rescue baby animals
The Critter Club - 2 best friends set up a animal shelter to rescue lost & lonely critters
Misty Inn - Willa Dunlap and her younger brother Ben start a new life, with new adventures on Chincoteague Island

Galaxy Zack - 
Zack and his family leave Earth and move to Zebulon. He discovers how much fun it is to live on another planet.
Junior Monster Scouts - Wolfy, Franky, and Vampyra aren’t just monsters…they are Junior Monster Scouts, ready to do some good deeds even if Baron Von Grump doesn't like it.
Dragons in a Bag - Jaxon has to stay with mean old lady named Ma while his mother is in court. Ma turns out to be a witch who is trying to save baby dragons and she needs Jaxon's help.

Now for some older student's chapter books - 

new books2


Louisiana's Way Home - Louisiana's granny wakes her up in the middle of the night to move. She ends up in a small town in Georgia and discovers some surprising things about herself.
Simon B Rhymin - A heartwarming story about a shy young rapper that brings his community together for a special class project.
Sofia Acosta Makes a Scene - A Cuban- American girl figures out where she belongs in her ballet loving family and the wider World.
Ophie's Ghosts - This award winning book is set in 1922, where Ophie gets a job as maid at Daffodil Manor that is filled with ghosts.  She sets out to help one of them.
The Marvellers - Ella is sent to a global magic school in the sky, it isn't easy but with the help of new friends she must find her lost teacher and fight a dangerous criminal.
Zayd Saleem - Follow the struggles and triumphs of a 4th grade boy as he pursues his dream of becoming a basketball star.
Ice Cream Summer - 4 friends work at an ice cream stand over the Summer.  When the cash register gets broken into, they have to solve the mystery of who stole the money.
Operation Sisterhood - Bo and her mother move to Harlem to live with Mom's boyfriend, 5 more people and a bunch of pets.  WIth everyone so squished, can they learn to be a family?
The Adventures of a Girl called Bicycle - Another award winning book - A determined 12-year-old girl bikes across the country to meet her idol. She's ready for an adventure-- but she can't imagine all the surprises in store.
New from Here - Ten year Knox, an Asian American boy, has to work to keep his family together at the start of the coronavirus outbreak.
Poison in the Colony -  A sequel to Blood on the River, it is 1622 in the Jamestown Colony. Virginia Laydon struggles to survive all of the changes & difficulties that are happening around her.  Can she find a way to help the colony?


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